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About Berkshire Wedding Videos

A professional music score will be added to your movie.

We can choose from solo piano or guitar, orchestral and classical, pop or even rock, and it will fit perfectly with the visuals to enhance your enjoyment and emotion when watching you wedding.

It’s all part of the service.

Romance is NOT dead!

Here at Berkshire Wedding Videos, we understand what this day means to you and your partner.

We are creative people, with a passion for the job we do, so we will use our talent and flair to produce a film that looks and feels as romantic possible.

Capturing the little details, like the “sneaky” look or hand-hold, showing your hands in close up when exchanging rings, showing the guests enjoying the day whilst you are away having your photographs taken are important parts of your day to look back on.

We will do this without telling you where to stand or what to do. Just enjoy your wedding day and let us capture it for you.

The Soundtrack


DVD and cases are printed

 with images from your wedding